I have been working in the public/community art field since leaving college.

My “apprenticeship” was served as an Artist in Residence for the educational charity Inter-Action, pioneers in community art, theatre and education since the 1960’s. My role was to initiate, lead and deliver projects ranging from woodcarving workshops, through to giant public installations, all begun with the express intention of involving the participation of the communities hosting the event or sculpture from as early as possible.

I spent 4 years working on board their ship, HMS President, Victoria Embankment, which served as their headquarters at the time.

It came as something of an epiphany to discover that my expensive and slightly self indulgent art education could have a practical and beneficial relevance to the outside world and I have continued working in this area ever since. I have created work for and with a diverse range of groups including special needs children, the long term mentally ill, the severely disabled and the general public of all ages.  A great many of these projects have been sited outside in public areas, functioning as street furniture or signage.

I have a developed a wide range of practical experience in many sculptural techniques including various casting procedures, welding and metal fabrication, paper and timber construction, stone and woodcarving.

I have also have spent a large amount of my life living and working on boats and have designed and fitted out a number of vessels including the Puppet Theatre Barge and its support boat “Eroda” both of which visit Richmond in the summer.


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